setiap hari perlu enjoy!!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011


newsflash: i juz came back from my hometown...

well hai again,

since ages i haven't updating my blog...due to my busyness...haha....but at the same time im actually avoiding updating my blogging hobby to give some rest for my mind and soul, im concerning more on my works...and friends....

to be frank is,

being single is never easy and mending all the pieces of my broken heart also never easy...i still love him with every single pieces of my heart...enaff said.


i try to find happiness in fakes and many ways...went shopping with my girls, movies with my girls, workings with mek izyan, moonlighting with my girls, bithcings with my girls and one best guy friend...but in the END...i realized, it is not the thing i really ever should do at first place...yeah, quiet pathetic rites...


for any chances, faith and luck along my journey....i wish i can work permanently at MREM Bernama, so for that i will try and do my best...yay!!!!


i do need love, about that i cant lie...but who should i love the most???

my mom and dad...and of coz my self b4 im starting to love someone else.

" so sad...sorry seems to be the hardest words. "